Formula Sound has been building on experience since the 70's. The company began aiming to provide pro-studio and broadcast quality audio equipment into the mainstream leisure industry. Founder Tony Cockell, himself a budding musician and recording engineer, began by building one-off solutions for a range of clients in the business which in turn led to the infamous modular PM80 mixer being available as an off-the-shelf product in 1978.

Formula Sound produce a wide range of mixer and audio processing circuitry that maintain traditional pro-audio build quality and values. Many of the products are not available from any other manufacturer and their unique range of volume & noise level controllers are considered as real problem solvers.

Our products are still individually assembled & tested as opposed to "batch testing" as is sadly more common nowadays. Equally, high quality connectors and faders along with traditional through-hole circuit board designs make these products sound great and stay extremely reliable and easily serviceable.

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